paper or plastic? ... aka the diaper question

we are some moderately crunchy folks - extremely crunchy black folks - up in this house. cloth grocery totes, compact flourescent light bulbs, lots of walking and bikes, heck we work at home so that's zero commute... and we only got drivers' licenses last month (b/c there's no newborn seat for a bike, and who's to say the cab home from hospital wd have the LATCH system? ;o) so that's more than 65 combined years of mass transit, ride sharing, and a SERIOUSLY reduced carbon footprint. i am second generation granola - was raised in a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, food-co-op belonging, natural hair wearing, handmade clothes wearing, cloudy apple juice drinking, dr. bronner's soap using house.

still, i haven't bought any cloth dipes supplies yet, b/c i'm not fully committed to the idea. i LOVE windowshopping the cool pocket and fitted cloth dipes systems and covers... but seriously - looking at our lifestyle, i don't know if a diaper choice that depends on us doing laundry is a smart move. LOL!

there is also th fact that dh feels utterly turned off by the 'storing dirty diapers in a bucket all week' concept... and i'll be darned if i'm going to be doing more than my share of changing duty b/c dh is uncomfortable with the tools. i'm 80% certain that once baby is here, he'll be fine with it - i don't think he understands the character and innocuousness of the poop of an exclusively breastfed newborn - but really do want him to feel as comfortable with all aspects of the hands on parenting duties as possible. i've seen/changed cloth diapers before so i know that it's no big deal, plus that you get a bit of a 'grace period' before things get really serious in the texture/smell department.

still, eventually there will be food in the mix, and then all bets are off. they have these liners that are supposed to catch the solids and be flushable, which ... ok that's great. it's still a little more intimate than even i might be willing to get with that particular end of the business. i've seen side by side comparisons of the ecological/energy impact of cloth diapering vs disposable and each has its benefits http://www.ilea.org/lcas/franklin1992.html so i guess it'll come down to preference and convenience. we'll probably sign up for a service and get some 7th gens unbleached disposables, and then we can try out both for a few weeks and see if a preference emerges. if one or the other is more comfortable, less leaks, less rashes, etc, we'd let the baby's bootie make the choice.

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