this body, this body

i remember feeling all expectant and excited in the beginning, reveling in every change, being impatient to show a bump. and then around the middle, being like, 'i am so pregnant and SO hot! look at me go!' now i'm definitely moving toward feeling like a bit of a sideshow freak - come on, are you STILL growing?? this is getting ridiculous. not yet at the 'beached whale' feeling, b/c i'm still mostly mobile, but i can definitely see those feelings and limitations looming on the horizon.

the hubster has been soooo in love with my body at every stage... nowadays i'm feeling like a science fair exhibit or something, and thinking, what a weirdo! but now and then i catch a glimpse of myself and can see the intense fertile beauty he sees. it's sexy and goddessly and amazing!

then i try and tie my shoes and get the basketball compressing my lungs and it's gone. LOL!

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