a momentary lapse of silence


inspired by the hubbub around 3-6 mafia's oscar win.

copied from a comment made on kenji's blog.

b/c it is late and i am a lazy bastard.


for the record, i was disgruntled wayyy before the oscar win. black culture's strange fascination with pimpery is as inexplicable to me as its delight with black men cross dressing as their own grandmothers. i don't get it. and i think it all speaks to a discomfort and dysfunction we have around gender and sexuality that we really need to deal with in a responsible way if we are going to survive with our collective minds, families, intact.

but at the end of the day, i definitely think songs like the oscar-winner are a result of a deeper issue, not the cause.

or, is that a chicken and egg sort of distinction?