entering the home stretch

32 weeks. started taking our childbirth class last week, which is kind of corny but yields good jokes. it's just us and the teacher and one other couple. the teacher makes banana bread.

up until this moment i was kind of reluctant/superstitious about buying anything. we actually just broke down and started getting prepared a little on the 'stuff' front.

a friend who was also due in april had her baby last week by emergency c, brought on by a fall! scary situation - everybody's fine and healthy and beautiful! - but it definitely lit a fire under us as far as our lassaiz-faire (sp) attitude about the *stuff* aspect of preparation.

just learned last week that there will be a shower, but it's not for another month and we don't want to count on the shower for our bare necessities, so we went out today and got our barebones emergency kit: whatever we imagined we would need for the first few days if baby decided to pop up early.

a carseat
pack of short sleeve onesies
pack of side snap shirts
package of newborn 7th gen diapers & wipes
couple of going out outfits - the sets w/the onesie, pants, and shirt
couple of hats
couple of sleepers and sleep sacks
pair of soft felt shoes (dh insisted, LOL)
pack of receiving blankets... & a swaddler cheater in case we can't figure that out, lol
pack of cloth diapers for burp cloths
pack of bibs
one of those health kits with thermometer, nail clipper, medicine dropper, aspirater. and some hand sanitizer.

we didn't do any furniture, or any of the bigger 'gear' items besides the carseat... that can probably wait until after showertime. but the point is, i suddenly feel like if there was a surprise we wouldn't have to wrap him up in dishtowels while waiting for basics to arrive from amazon.com. (i've been making dishtowels jokes for months but when my friend's baby was born two months early, it seemed slightly less funny all of a sudden...) and then yesterday the midwife was like, yeah homie. anytime after week 36 you are full term. you know that's only 4 weeks away, right?


i don't mention this or bring up my friend's situation to indicate that i am shook - i'm actually not scared about going into labor early at all. i told kaiju he already missed the aquarian cutoff so he might as well just stay his little butt in there until he bakes a little more, LOL. it was more like, my friend's experience was just a reminder that the baby will come when the baby is ready, so we might as well do our parts to get prepared or at least meet him halfway. it's not like we have an appointment on april 24th and he's guaranteed to arrive on that date like FedEx, so we can wait until the 23rd to get a car seat. LOL!

so yeah. i can no longer count myself among the UTTERLY unprepared. now we're only UNDERprepared. ;o)

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