paper or plastic? ... the diaper answer

so, it boils down to we're basically doing cloth at home/at night and paper on the road/at work

i had gotten a bunch of different wraps to test out, some snappis and such. favorite situation by far is this brand of wraps called 'thirsties' - simple, well made, the extra smalls are small enough for him but have lots of room to grow, and they are quick to dry when wet and super easy to clean if soiled. folding the diapers into thirds and leaving a stack of pre-loaded wraps in the co-sleeper is the bomb, particularly for late-night changes when i don't want to get out of the bed, or really wake all the way up.

incidentally, why has the co-sleeper turned into a midnight changing table? lol.

ETA: dh's pre-baby diaper jitters? totally gone. in fact, all the stuff he anticipated not being able to deal with - seeing the birth, umbilical stump, particularly messy diapers - he is so doing without even being phased. although he definitely prefers the paper diapers to the cloth on GP (hanging onto a pail full of dirty diapers goes against his grain big time, lol) so i think particularly once the baby starts eating food and sh!tting like a man, the cloth days will be way over. these little innocuous EBF poops are quite easy to live with in a closed & deodorized diaper pail. actual food-based crap? i am not so sure.