early morning musing

hmm. got to really find some survival technique for my staying up until the crack of dawn every thursday night to do this party. this is only week two, and already i can see there are going to have to be some major pattern-changes if i'm to remain healthy and agreeable.

the world at 5 in the morning is an eerie, lovely place. it's like that old twilight zone episode where the nerdly unpopular bookworm is the only survivor of some apocalyptic event; except without the heartbreaking ending where he shatters his glasses beyond repair, right on the steps of the library. it's doubly uncanny b/c i live on a block where the Brothers On The Corner have set up a neighborhood pharmeceutical business and created a vibrant social hub for the projects in the next block over. the neighborhood's been steadily gentrifying in the past four years i've been here, yet the crack corporate scene is still holding strong (god bless america and the entreprenurial spirit.)

but at 5 in the morning, there are no radios blaring, no transactions being made, no shouting children or beeping horns. it's a strange sort of calm, shimmery with the bedlam you know normally reigns. like the silence is haunted with noise. i normally hang out in the yard in the back because it's a million times quieter (well, and there's flowers & a hammock), but dammit --

i'm gonna go sit on the stoop and eat applesauce.