bla, blabla

sciatic pain flared up something FIERCE on thursday; ever since i've been limping around like fred g. sanford. and the g stands for 'good lord, am i STILL pregnant??' this only happened once before and after a few days he must've moved off the nerve b/c it just went away. i'm feeling bulging in different places now and think he might be flipping. let's hope he hits the magic 'ease mommy's pain' spot soon and settles in there.

BHing like crazy, particularly in the mornings. together with the sharp pain in one buttock i am quite the chipper cheery one to wake up next to! DH is a champ though, walking around like my human crutch and doing all my lifting.

on a much brighter note, spring has sprung. it's been super warm and beautiful. i had a prenatal massage on friday. yum! it was lovely. also walked around a little, window shopping, and cherry blossoms fell into my hair.

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