home stretch: part deux

20 days to EDD

i feel simultaneously ready and totally totally not. i can't wait to meet this kid, and i will be so tickled to get some very basic body functions back. like, running. or, bending over, say, like to tie a shoe. LOL! but there's also like SO much that we are trying to get ready - mainly, trying to complete a major move to the warehouse before he gets here. (oh snap - did i mention we got a warehouse for the biz?) so in addition to regular nestish things like washing a bunch of baby clothes and signing up for a diaper service and assembling a glider chair and such, we're also trying to find a good deal on a commercial sink and talking with a contractor and visiting the architectural salvage places trying to find cheap linoleum and carpeting and such. HA! so yeah. i hope kaiju stays put until his EDD. not much longer! we've spoken. i've given him about a one-week window of possibility and i THINK we understand each other. LOL!

i still feel pretty good, although i'm definitely beginning to slow down. there was a bellydancing circle @ the shower, which devolved into a general dance circle with me and dh uprocking in the middle of it. that's how spry and mobile i felt up until that moment... but all that action must've shaken kaiju down a little, b/c since then i've felt him lower than ever and am starting to display that preggo-lady sexy waddle, LOL! we'll be walking and i have to remind pete to slow down a little b/c the baby is bouncing on my bladder!

i'm not complaining too much though, b/c this pregnancy has been so smooth. sleeping through the night, no health issues or extreme morning sickness or anything-- i have been totally blessed and i am going to try to deal graciously with a little end-of-the-road discomfort. i do hope he comes more or less on time, though. i can totally see how being pregnant for up to 42 weeks as they baby just keeps on growing and growing, would be no fun at all! maybe that's how our bodies get us ready for labor. make the end of pregnancy near-excruciating, so that labor is almost a reprieve!

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