54 hours into motherhood

54 hours into motherhood, i am most stunned by the intense, almost debilitating physical impact of birth. i had a 2nd degree tear and feel like i am heading toward engorgement. i know it could be a lot worse, and i am grateful to my birth team and to my son for their skill and gentleness, respectively. but the latching is still painful as heck, it's annoying not to be able to go downstairs, it's humbling how long it takes me to sit down, to get up, to roll over, etc., and it's bizarre that the high pleasure point of my day physically is a sitz bath.

emotionally i'm skating. the baby is great and i just can't stop looking at his chewy little face. DH and i are in pure babymoonland. we had GREAT help immediately after the birth, which was 100% unexpected - DH's brother, SIL, and 1yr old baby had planned a visit and ended up arriving just in time to pick up our keys at the hospital and hang out at our house while we labored! so what did they do? cleaned the house top to bottom - i'm talking that scrub-the-floor-behind-the-toilet, walls&windowsills kind of cleaning to which i only even aspire once a season, and usually only achieve three times a year. (sigh.) they also did all the laundry in the house, cooked pots of food, and assembled and organized all remaining baby clothes & furniture. their being here was a huge blessing, and perfectly filled in the gap until our mothers make it (DH's on monday - she was at a conference one state over and will stop by on her way home - and mine on tuesday to stay for a few weeks. after which i think MIL is coming back)

i am only concerned about work, since we were only like 4 days out from completing our masterplan prep-for-postpartum strategy and now have to reconfigure all our plans with one less person and 80% less sleep

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