like, totally heavy stuff, man

you know how there are those three archetypes for like, the manifestation of the feminine divine: maiden/mother/crone? with each element/stage of life representing particular powers?

when i let myself sink down into the body-conscious, metaphysical/spiritual awareness of it all (which is not constant b/c i am a heathen, but does happen, because i am a hippie, LOL) i am able to sense myself moving from one realm to the next. i will see pictures of myself from a year ago and am like, dang look at those BONES! i'm not mad at my former body, it was strong and wonderful and i was comfortable in it. but it's so different from this ripe to bursting, power-to-nurture situation i've got going on now. i mean, these breasts, dang!! it's like a physical manifestation of the new role & responsibility i'm taking on, different shape for a different role. wild stuff.

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