random preggo complaints & thoughts:

1. i miss my cheekbones already. and i know this madness is only just beginning, lol

2. drooooooool: http://www.littlepalmisland.com/LittlePalmIsland_Packages.aspx?packageid=93

3. i feel like i'm in bootcamp: like i should just be marching around chanting, "my back is achin. my belt's too tight. my boobies shake from left to right. left... left... left right left... hut, two, three four..."

4. WOW

5. i almost can't believe i'm going through all this uncomfort for someone i don't even KNOW! it seems so ill-advised. this little bugger better be cool!

6. today in the dentists office there was like a month-old baby boy who, halfway through my wait, woke up and squawked a little. his mom picked him up and held him for a minute, and then had to go to the window to fill out papers. the teenage boy who was with them asked if he could hold the baby. when she handed the babe over, the big boy's face, which had up to then been a study in adolescent boredom, lit up in this glowing smile that he quickly wiped away, then he carefully held the baby sitting on his lap and tried to act like he wasn't heck of happy. the baby boy was looking out at the room with this strangely intent look, then he smiled with one half of his face, and then his eyes started to droop closed; he was fighting it like he was a 60 yr old man in church. the whole situation was really adorable.

7. ouch. my back really hurts.

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