the big joke that is preggeritis fashion

so i got a preggo pilates disc from netflix and burned it. it's pretty good, not the challenge becomes making the time to actually do it more than once a week. at least i walk a lot.

in other news, the strip is darkening, the belly button has popped further (i thought once it popped, it was popped? apparently not. it's still popping), and i am starting to feel weird in my clothes. or perhaps i should say, i'm starting to feel weird about the fact that i no longer HAVE any clothes. all of a sudden i went from a full closet, to having two pairs of pants. none of my l/s shirts reach the bottom of my belly now and i have to layer a long tank under, or a long t-shirt over. im getting preggo clothes in desperation but it feels SO retarded to spend money on clothes i'm only gonna need for a short time. and THEN, there's the fact that, i'm all loving my rounded and constantly changing body when i'm naked. but when i put on clothes they invariably are bulgy and bulky and full of paperbag elastic in strange places, tight in some spots and baggy in others, and i look like hot crap on a stick. sigh.

the funny thing is, i thought i didn't care about clothes. let them stop cooperating with me, and i find i am actually way more invested than i thought.

so, i recognized that i was generally just whining here about my appearance... but i was sitting around in my pajamas and had done nothing about it. i got up from the computer, showered, put some color on my lips and changed from my little silver hoops to my big silver hoops, and put on a stretchy black knit wrap dress, some grey yoga pants, and red chucks. i feel fiiiiiiiine.

it's handy that that whole empire waist / maternity look is in style now for whatever odd reason. i never understand fashion trends, but at least it's more useful than that weird resurgence of slouchy 1980s boots, skinny jeans, and leggings.

in other, not entirely unrelated news, i'm inspired to try that trick of turning a pair of pants into preggo pants - basically, sew in a bow across the zipper, take a stretchy band of fabric and sew a tube to the top. there was a link on crafster that i will have to re-find. i think if i can rock my army surplus cargos again, all will be right with the world. lol!

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