hot yoga / not yoga

today, i learned that hot yoga is not a good idea when 16 weeks pregnant. my neighbor told me about a new yoga center nice and close to my house (direct fast bus route close, hooray!) but they only do power (vinyasa) yoga, in hot rooms. i was all amped, b/c i'd heard great things about hot yoga and been wanting to try it. pierre got all worried and made me call the midwife, who heard about the heated room and was like, girl, sit your ass in the house and do a DVD!

paraphrasing, of course.

what she actually said was that raising yr body temp like that for any sustained period of time and then doing exercises was a super bad idea for combination dehydration/babycooking reasons; particularly this early on. that body temp regulation is a big reason you sweat more when you're preggo (which i haven't seen, but perhaps b/c it's winter) and why they say no saunas and don't languish in a hot bath.

sigh. so my bikram yoga dreams will have to remain deferred.

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