feliz navidad

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Tenille said...

Jamyla girl!!! So, I notice you haven't blogged here since '08, which means the beautiful baby boy that I didn't even know you had 'til now is 2+ years old. I don't even know if you remember me, but you, me, Kiini, others were in a NaNo Yahoo Group way back when then we all started getting preggers and falling off, anyhoo, I couldn't find a working email address for you and I was wanting to solicit you for a writer-ish type favor... wouldn't really be a favor 'cause it wuold be paid but if you still write, specifically, if you still write smut I would love to include you in a project of mine that is currently closed to the public. Please contact me... I think you can get me through my blog, if not, let me know here and I'll get you my email... Hope to hear from you, love to you, Pierre and the baby boy!