two inch fists

i remember how exciting it was when he first began to use his hands. he'd be nursing, and would just put up his little fists, open them slightly, and lay them on me gently, as if to frame his food. so sophisticated, compared to the baby bird mouth, eyes shut tight, with which he'd previously rooted for his meals.

now, of course, at nearly five months, he is a master manipulator - not only can he bring his hands to his mouth to chew, but no longer has to suck on the entire fist~ he can separate the fingers and hook one thumb deep into his cheek, or suck on only two or three fingers at a time. he can hold a rattle, toy, pacifier with his hands, and pass an object from one hand to the other. he can use his hands to cram THINGS into his mouth, not just the hands themselves. hard wooden rattly things, soft chewy silicone pacifier things, tough nubbly teething ring things, soft fuzzy fleece toy things.

he can reach for me.

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