news from the neighborhood

so the the word is out about the pregnancy among the neighborhood kids.

it started a couple of weeks ago, when we were going out and like 4 kids were sitting on the porch swing across the street - this is the two little homeschooled glasses-wearing nerds (a boy who is maybe 8, a girl who is 10 or 11) and a couple of 7 or 8 yr old girls from down the street. the occasional 4 yr old tagalong baby sibling might have been there too, but i'm not sure. i waved and they waved back, and then in a sudden burst, one of them called out 'are you pregnant?' - and then i looked, and they were all scandalized and shushing the one who had said it. LOL! so i told them yes, and then they were like, 'see i told you' and stuff, to each other. they asked was it twins, was it a boy or a girl, etc.

yesterday they were outside when we were leaving and they asked where we were going. 'just to the store.' they said 'all three of you?' just too enthused about their own cleverness. and i said 'all two and a half of us' and they cracked up.

hee hee. i can't wait till they're babysitting age.

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