these boots. these boots.

i am not a wearer of heels but these sneaker-soled 2-inchers are totally working for me. the 4 star comfort rating comes from my internal discomfort with having half my foot off the ground; but the wide flared base of the heel is quite sturdy and i predict i'll be ok in a moment. the shoes get open stares and smiles from strangers, which is all i ask in a pink and yellow antique looking narrow-ankle boot. oh yes- the ankle is NARROW! i am a skinny-legged gurl and this is a point of chagrin in all moments of my life except when i rock these shoes. they were kind of built for me. hooray!

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goddess of the universe said...

oh my freakln goodness! they r very lovely...very lovely...in fact i must add them to my pot too.
mmmmmmmm good