luciderotic dream w/strange expository essay ending

Me and like five other women were giggling, teasing each other. We were the first people to board a plane or some other conveyance and were spread out over many seats. They were airplane seats but ours faced each other like the center seats on the LIRR commuter train. We had on suits and hose; were dressed like either leaving for or coming from a convention of some kind, but felt like vacation. There were shoes kicked off, loud laughter, raunchy jokes. Part of me felt like I'd just met these women but the other part knew that we were intimates. Knew each other well.

I was reading a book with half my attention. It was excellent fluff- flirting and discovery, a romance disguised with literary undertones. I was about 20 pages in and was being pleasantly surprised and turned to my left to ask girlfriend #1 which of the other girlfriends had written it. (this is what made me think I hadn't known them for long. I knew their names, knew that one of them was a writer, but didn't know names + faces) she said "actually, joie wrote it" and pointed to a man sitting a couple of rows up. I was surprised and impressed at joie's insight into women's minds; the novel was reading really realistically. Joie wasn't part of our group. He sat ahead of us and apart, reading a magazine.

I was reading the novel word by word. If I'd written this down sooner after waking, I probably could have quoted it.

I was trying to find a place to lay down, but my girlfriends' purses and things were in the seat next to me. One of them (call her "Kathy") had been sitting there but she'd since moved opposite me, and left her purse. I threatened to lay on it, joked that she must've left it there for me to use as a pillow. She talked about all the breakable stuff that was in there. I flunxed a bit. Where was I supposed to lay down? Pulled the armrests up and flopped around the seats a little.

As I squirmed around, the plane was filling up. I had less and less room to squirm. Suddenly I was comfortable, and settled down to read. I noticed Kathy looking at me funny and looked around: my seat back was down to a full reclining position and gone. And one of my legs was stretched out, foot nestled in a warm spot near the hip of the man behind me.

I jumped and squealed and was embarrassed. "Oh my goodness, I'm sorry!" Looked at Kathy like she should have warned me from doing such mess. "Got me all intimate with strangers up in here, sorry about my crusty foot in your lap, lol…"

He smiled in a gentle/intense/directed way and said "Your foot isn't crusty and you know it." and he held out his hand like an invitation & a demand. I looked at Kathy with eyebrows raised. Well, oh-KAY and stretched back out on my stomach, put my foot into his hand, and started pretending to read my book.

He started massaging my foot.

I was wide-eyed.

I twisted onto my side, looked back at him. He was dressed in a suit, so were the two next to him, but one was sleeping and the other was politely pretending to look out the window. In the movie of my mind he was being played by taye diggs, but I'm going to try to ignore this embarrassing fact and will not reference it again. LOL. Instead, I'll call him SuitMan.

His hands were moving upward, to my ankle, to my calf. It was less about massage and more about feeling up my leg; and he looked directly into my eyes and wasn’t pretending otherwise. My girlfriends were in a fury of giggles and elbowing and knowing winks like we were on our way to vegas, like we were at a school dance, like I was scoring, not whoring. (ha HA! That just came to me now, I'm so damn clever). The chemistry between me and SuitMan was palpable.

I stretched my other leg out, and he immediately began stroking and kneading that one too, starting from the arch of my foot and moving upward. Ultimately, he pushed both my legs off his lap, grasped my hips, and smoothly pulled me back onto his lap. His right fingers interwove with mine and he did that junior high school thing, where he presses a hard stroke down the center of your palm, and by this time my panties were in a respectably junior high school level of froth.
With his other hand, he was pressing long and very slow strokes up and down my spine. Trailing tickling fingers upward, tracing firm rivers back down again. At this point, I was writhing on this man's lap and didn't care who saw.

The cart came by and he asked if I wanted a drink. I asked for a sweet rum and coke; I had it. my girlfriends were stealing glances and fanning themselves. I knew I was going to get teased mercilessly when we got where we were going but it was already worth it.

The plane was emptying now. It was like a bus or train, in that people got on and off at different points, but there was only sky outside the windows and I could hear murmurs of "mile-high club" around me. The thought was extremely attractive to me. I would have fucked that man then and there had he given me the signal. I was being played like a violin and loved it. I was pure response.

Kathy came back one row and stretched out next to the beautiful, tall guy sitting next to SuitMan, who was wearing a cream-colored dress coat which set off his red-chocolate skin like candy. They flirted for a while and then she switched away, looking back like an invitation and a challenge.

I looked at RedChocolate and he was watching me. Looking a little bit wistful. "Sebastian always gets his woman," he said. "Oh," I said, and turned in my seat to look at SuitMan. "Is that your name?" I told him mine. He nodded, a half-smile on his face. Before I could even articulate the thought of "always? So does 'Sebastian' do this kind of thing often?", RedChocolate had walked away after Kathy. Really what was on my mind, though, wasn't abt how often Sebastian seduced women on public transportation- I didn’t actually care. What was on my mind was trying to figure out what about his approach made it work; why exactly I had been sitting on this stranger's lap, two seconds from coming, for the past twenty minutes. RedChocolate seemed so perplexed about it and really he was foine, way finer than Sebastian. . . I wanted to make him understand the 'secret.'

I couldn't tell him b/c he was off to play flirting games with Kathy. So I turned to SuitMan/Sebastian and said "I don't know you, or anything." He did the seduction speech, about how we shouldn’t ignore what is there in favor of what's not - yet - and we have all this potential and truth in this moment and would I throw that away? "Absolutely not," I said. "I'm totally committed to the potential and truth in this moment, and more so to what your hands are doing. But I also want it understood that I recognize we don't know each other. I am responding to a lot of things right now. You’re beautiful, confident, demanding, respectful, insistent, direct and polite. It's an incredibly sexy combination and I would be a fool to deny what's building here. I am not a fool. I'm just saying that after this moment… I'm looking forward to that part, too."

At that point, I looked to my right, and across the aisle was a huge bedroom chamber with king-sized bed. One of the flight attendants was turning down the fluffy comforters and fluffing the pillows. "Ah," I thought, as if we'd ordered such a chamber and it was finally ready. "enough talking."

I had been keeping myself asleep to make sure I got to the conclusion of the adventure and at this point I woke up to write it down.


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