time for another yummy recipe

...from the bodycare kitchen.

this one is called "sweet & smooth moisturizing scrub" or something like that, and you use it in the shower. it is for when you want your body to feel like butta, baby.

materials: about 1/4 to 1/2 cup each sugar, bath oil/vegetable oil, and milk (soy & cow are both fine.) and some honey of course. all the alchemy can take place inside 2 cups or even better, one cup and a clean jelly jar or something with a wide screw cap.

1 . put the milk in a cup. heat in microwave for about 30 seconds.
2 . add a dollop of honey, swoosh it around with your finger, and then taste it. yummy? good.
3 . put the sugar in the jally jar, then add about vegetable or cosmetic oil until it's oozed and mixed all through the sugar. are you gonna use extra light olive? jojoba? sweet almond? it's up to you. you can add scented lotion and/or a few drops of essential oil if you'd like to smell like lavender or oranges or vanilla or chocolate. or whatever.
now you're ready for the fun part.

1. prepare your skin. get in the shower & soap up, shave, do whatever shower business you habitually do.
2 . when you're squeaky clean, turn the water off, or direct it toward the shower wall. (nah, i take that back. turn it off. save the planet.)
3 . add the milk/honey stuff to the sugar/oil goop and mix well. use your fingers to stir if you're in cups, or shake them up in the lidded jar together.
4 . quick, before the sugar melts... scrub the mixture up and down your arms! your legs! your belly and back! your bootie and knees and thighs and heels! drip it over your shoulders and scrub it into your elbows!
5. if you're in a real hard-core exfoliating mood, some saint ives apricot scrub at this point can really drive the point home. go over your skin again and imagine yourself at some high-priced SoHo day spa being massaged all deep up in your tissue and then spending an hour thinking shallow thoughts while wrapped in banana leaves with cucumbers on your eyes.
6. imagine this for like thirty seconds, breathing deep, but don't get too far into this fantasy becase you're not in a spa, you in fact are standing in a tub with a lot of oily sugar-milk running down your legs. be careful! please don't slip and break your head.
7. in fact, turn the water back on now, hot, and rinse off. you've had your moment of relaxation for today, and wasn't that fun? now it's time to clean out the tub and get your soft & fragrant butt to work. in a private act of revolution, use a soft cloth to massage your skin as the water pulses down.
8 . pour liquid soap down around your feet and do a [careful] shimmy-shuffle suds-generating dance to restore the traction to your shower floor. (what? is there no liquid soap in your shower? what do i have to say to get you to get some dr. bronners?)
9 . oh, man. that was good. get dressed and walk around all day feeling like a malted milkshake.

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